• Method : Flowing Method (reference materials comparison method)
  • Sample Port : 4개
  • Measuring range : 0.01 m2/g ~ no upper limit (surface area)
  • Accuracy : repeatability errors < 1%
  • Flow rate adjust : Gold App Instrument patented F-Sorb micro stepping motor traffic can realize flow rate auto-adjust for every P/Po point in BET analysis. Flow rate valve auto-collected by software and real-time displayed in interface.
  • Quantitative dosing : patented F-Sorb quantitative pipe desorbs automatically, realized auto dosing for sample desorption isotherm, manual pipeline switch is not required.
  • Manifolds sealing : high vacuum system with stainless steel manifolds, excellent sealing performance can eliminate error caused by gas molecules permeation.
  • Sample Type : powders, particle, fiber, flakes, and other species
  • Analysis Gas : high purity (99.99%) Helium as carrier, Nitrogen (99.99%) as adsorbate : Ar, Kr etc. are optional
  • Analysis Time less than 5 minutes for every P/Po point’s adsorption and desorption
  • Pressure Required : atmospheric pressure, no need vacuum, save experiment time.
  • Data
    1. Single and multi-point BET
    2. Langmuir surface area
    3. Adsorption and desorption isotherm
    4. Average particle size estimate
    5. - Carbon black external surface (STSA)

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