The unit meets all of the functional requirement of ISO 17492 but deviates from the equipment description in two aspects : the unit uses 8 quartz IR lamps rather than the 9 shown in the test method and we have not included water cooling in the shutter. The water cooling can be added if required. The change in the number of lamps is due to the availability of quartz IR bulbs-they are usually available in 120V and to operate at 240V we put them in a series connection. This means that we need an even multiple of two bulbs.

  • Basic tester with movable sample holder and shutter
  • Data acquisition system (Measurement Computing 2416-4AO and compatible laptop)
  • Analysis and Control Software
  • Spare Calorimeter (3)
  • Medtherm Guardon gauge for calibration
  • Meker burners
  • Movable shutter and sample holder (pneumatic control) on a linear bearing
  • Mass flow controller for propane gas flow
  • Electronic power controller for lamps
  • Propane gas regulator

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