ISO 6942 is a test method in which a sample of material is exposed to the thermal radiation from a bank of silicon carbide heating rods and the energy transfer to a copper calorimeter measured. The equipment is capable of emitting thermal radiation up to 90 Kw/m2 when the power controller setting is maximum and the calorimeter is placed at its closest approach location. The test method calls for a heat flux 80 Kw/m2 or lower and there are two method of reducing the energy received by the calorimeter : turning down the power to the rods or changing the separation between the rods and calorimeter. Either method will allow material evaluation at heat fluxes of Kw/m2 or lower but turning down the power will result in a wavelength shift to longer wavelengths as the rod surface temperature will be reduced.

  • Electronic control of silicon carbide heating rod power (good temperature stability)
  • Linear bearing track for both mobile platform and sensor mount
  • Easily replaceable sensor (spare sensor included)
  • Water cooled front panel and shutter
  • Pneumatic movement of water cooled shutter
  • Computer data acquisition from copper calorimeter sensor (10 readings per second)
  • Computer analysis of energy absorbed – Method A or Method B
  • Simple installation of test samples
  • System includes data acquisition system and laptop computer
  • Approximate dimensions 875 mm x 500 mm x 250 mm

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